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Education session or seminar up to one day duration

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Want to know more about CKN and how to use it?

Come to CKN Training and be guided by trainers from EBSCO, Elsevier and eTG.

Places are Limited, please contact Mackay Hospital Library for more information and to book your spot 4885 7361.


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Mackay Base Hospital
St Bees Room
K Block

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Clinical Protocols
Precise and detailed plans for the study of a medical or biomedical problem and/or plans for a regimen of therapy.
Evidence-Based Medicine
The process of systematically finding, appraising, and using contemporaneous research findings as the basis for clinical decisions. Evidence-based medicine asks questions, finds and appraises the relevant data, and harnesses that information for everyday clinical practice. Evidence-based medicine follows four steps: formulate a clear clinical question from a patient's problem; search the literature for relevant clinical articles; evaluate (critically appraise) the evidence for its validity and usefulness; implement useful findings in clinical practice. The term "evidence based medicine" (no hyphen) was coined at McMaster Medical School in Canada in the 1980's to label this clinical learning strategy, which people at the school had been developing for over a decade. (From BMJ 1995;310:1122)
Critical and exhaustive investigation or experimentation, having for its aim the discovery of new facts and their correct interpretation, the revision of accepted conclusions, theories, or laws in the light of newly discovered facts, or the practical application of such new or revised conclusions, theories, or laws. (Webster, 3d ed)

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Health Care - Health care providers - Queensland Health - Mackay Hospital and Health Service - Mackay Base Hospital - Mackay Institute of Research and Innovation

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Places are Limited, please contact Mackay Hospital Library for more information and to book your spot 4885 7361.

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checked Medicine - Primary Health Care
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