Nya metoder för funktionell magnetresonans - isotrop insamling och kvantitativ metodik | Application
Nya metoder för funktionell magnetresonans - isotrop insamling och kvantitativ metodik
Registration number: LIO-10866
Ansökan om enbart Klinik ALF-medel eller i kombination med LFoU-medel 2008
Application started by: Peter Lundberg, 2007-05-31
Professional title at the time of application: Docent, MR-fysiker
Work place at the time of application: Universitetssjukhuset i Linköping, Radiofysik
Last updated / corrected by: Agneta Linghag, 2009-02-17
Application received by: Region Östergötland
Granted and completedGranted and completed
Applicant: Peter Lundberg
Adj Professor, MR-fysiker, Centrum för Kirurgi, Ortopedi och Cancervård, Medicinska fakulteten



In this project we intend to develop the methods for functional magnetic resonance, leading to better representation of tissue function, and also to improved absolute quantitation. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) methods is one of the most useful innovations for functional brain research, and it is probably also one of the major advances in science in the last decades. The aim of the proposed project ) is to continue developing the data acquisition methods for fMRI. A specific goal is to further improve magnetic resonance pulse sequence programs for 3D data acquisition for true volume brain activity imaging, in order to better localize different functional centra in the human brain, in relation to pathologies such as tumours, epilepsy, Parkinson, MS, stroke, etc. But the importance of the proposed research is very much also on improving the possibilities for obtaining a better understanding of how the human brain works. The importance of this latter is mainly in the context of normal development of the human brain, as in early development as well as in aging. The focus of the present proposal is not only on improving the acquisition aspects, but also on other methodological aspects such as quality assurance, and new presentation methods, such as visual stereo 3D. The conventional use of magnetic resonance allows only the contrast information to be acquired and visualized as arbitrarily scaled images. One of the principal aims of this project is therefore also to significantly enhance the value of magnetic resonance measurements by scaling the data from magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) correctly to an absolute scale that corresponds to physical reality. This is very valuable because the absolute concentrations of metabolites, as well as water, can then be determined accurately. Such data are extremely important when diagnosing a wide range of diseases directly or indirectly of metabolic origin such as neurological diseases in the brain, heart disease, liver disease, and myopathies. In order to achive such scaling properly, various physical corrective measures has to be developed. We also intend to develop better and faster acquisition techniques, and to develop the applications for dynamic measurements. Applications also for other isotopes than protons are proposed; the proposed methods are very general and can be applied to any MR-detectable isotope of the periodic system of the elements. In addition, the proposed methods will also be very useful for classification and visualization of MRI data, especially applicable on fMRI examinations. This project involves the collaboration between specialists from several fields of research, such as physics, engineering, and medicine.


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Decision date: 2007-11-06

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Nya metoder för funktionell magnetresonans - isotrop insamling och kvantitativ metodik | Application, from Region Östergötland